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This appeal followed. Although debtor suggests we interpret the attorney fee provision broadly to cover all disputes arising out of the contract, we decline to do so. On its face, the express language of the attorney fee provision limits recovery of attorneys’ fees to actions relating to breach of the contract. The narrow language employed cannot be construed to cover all actions “resulting from” the agreement as debtor argues. Having found no error, we AFFIRMIn re Wallace, 9th Cir. BAP No. NV 13 1518 JuHlPa, October 28, 2014 “It is well settled that if a bankruptcy court finds that a party has willfully violated the discharge injunction, the court may award actual damages, punitive damages and attorney’s fees to the debtor. Espinosa v. United Student Aid Funds, Inc. , 553 F. 3d 1193, 1205 n.

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1 million in aggregate but paid $55. 6 million in fees, nearly canceling out their savings. 8. debt settlement firms have increasingly joined forces with attorneys since the Telemarketing Sales Rule was amended in 2010, according the New York City Bar Association report. Nearly half of debt settlement complaints filed with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs between May 2010 and October 2011 concerned debt settlement firms affiliated with attorneys, the report found. To be sure, there are plenty of legitimate attorneys who represent clients on debt related issues, from credit repair to bankruptcy.