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Our practice focuses strictly on consumer bankruptcy law in Mississippi. We live, eat, and breath consumer protection law. Frank Coxwell is an experienced trial attorney and Rachel Coxwell is an up and coming experienced attorney as well. By far, the majority of bankruptcy cases flow through without litigation, but we are prepared to fight for your right to a fresh start if a fight is required. We know that you might feel embarrassed, alone, ashamed, stressed, and that you might not be able to see a way to overcome your situation. We are here to tell you that you do have options.

loan off settlement

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He went on to gain some priceless and much needed work experience before setting up the Law Office Of Michael Levitis. He is also an eminent member of New York and New Jersey Bar Associations. Law Office Of Michael Levitis is reputed for providing the best legal and sympathetic advice regarding filing for bankruptcy under chapter 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15. Their clients range from big financial corporate to medium, small and closely held corporations. Mr. Michael Levitis Esq.

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Michael Levitis Esq. is highly competent to provide genuine and sincere legal advice to the clients in matters of debt settlement, bankruptcy and real estate services. Mr. Levitis got his degree in J. D. from Benjamin N.