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By canceling, you agree to stop the agreed upon payment plan; however, all debt you and your spouse have assumed will still be your responsibility. If you choose to restructure the plan, it divides the plan into two cases – one for you and one for your spouse; you can then handle the bankruptcy separately from your partner. These cases can become complex if not handled properly and can cause a lengthy divorce if anything goes awry. It’s always best to speak with a bankruptcy attorney to see the best course of action for your situation. This means you get to keep everything but you have to pay back a percentage of your equity. It is also used for people who are in foreclosure or behind on their mortgage and in fear of foreclosure.

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In addition to Kyle Redfield, who is our Chief Executive Officer and Director, we currently employ 10 full time employees who all work in the United States. Our operations are overseen directly by management that engages our employees to carry on our business. Our management oversees all responsibilities in the areas of corporate administration, business development, and research; and as needed we engage the services of other professionals for legal, audit and other technical services. We intend to expand our current management to retain other skilled directors, officers, and employees with experience relevant to our business focus. Our management’s relationships will provide the foundation through which we expect to grow our business in the future. We believe that the skill set of our management team will be a primary asset in the development of our brands and trademarks. In 2016 and 2017 our common stock was quoted on the OTCQB over the counter stock market “OTCQB” under the symbol: ‘KRED’. Because we were quoted on the OTCQB, our securities could be less liquid, receive less coverage by security analysts and news media, and generate lower prices than might otherwise be obtained if they were listed on a major national securities exchange. Trading in stocks quoted on the OTCQB is often thin and is characterized by wide fluctuations in trading prices due to many factors that may be unrelated or have little to do with a company’s operations or business prospects. On January 23, 2017, we issued 250,000 restricted common shares at $0. 0484 per share to a new director at market close price on date of grant as an inducement fee for joining our Board for a deemed non cash cost of $12,100.

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