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He said we had to purchase these points to take advantage of a program that would allow us not to have to pay Maintenance Fees after we paid off our loan. Mr. Casper said the program description had been sent to us in a letter we should have received. Rick Casper told us that because we did not get a letter, Diamond would still offer what had been offered. He did not have a copy of the letter. Rick Casper told my husband and me John was still alive at the time, that once we paid off our loan, we would not have to pay maintenance fees.

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There is no point trying to get the card company to negotiate unless you know very well how much you can really afford to settle for. You need to figure out how much of a surplus you have after meeting your expenses and if you can sell off an asset to bring more money to the table. You also need to list out all your debts so that you can negotiate equitable deals with them or appoint a debt settlement company to represent you. While the best settlements are normally possible if you can put down a lump sum, you can also negotiate to repay as per a payment plan that you can afford but make sure that you know what it entails over the full period. Even though debt settlement appears to be extremely attractive, you need to know that there are far reaching ramifications of settling for less than what you owe. You can be sure that your credit score will take a beating; the extent will depend on how the creditor reports it. Try and insist that it is reported as “settled as agreed” not just “settled”. Remember that the negative impact on the credit score will remain for as long as seven years on your credit report. If you appoint a debt settlement company, make sure it is a reputed one and its charges and fees are very clear to you. Steer clear of companies that ask for upfront payments or give assurances regarding the extent of debt reduction. Take intelligent decisions to survive the quicksand of debt.